A quirky poetry café nestled in the center of Beijing.

27 Café

is a hipster poetry café in Beijing, China popular with younger Chinese. We presented the concept of branding the café after the “Dada” art movement by creating imagery using techniques such as Collage, Readymades, and Photomontages mixed in with poetry presented in a vibrant and quirky way. I was in charge of making a large, vertical poster that would be placed outside to advertise the café. In addition, I helped design the interior by decorating the inside with famous poetry quotes.

27 Cafe Version 1

These are the versions of the posters I created. I wanted to incorporate an old, nostalgic feel to them while adding the whimsical Dada elements through hand-drawn illustrations and collage. The first version was the one which the client ended up choosing.

The inside of the cafe would be decorated with the company's branding and poetry quotes on frosted vinyl.